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We like our clients to have options. Explore our services for a better idea of how we can help your business grow.

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Media Relations

Using media platforms - television, radio, newspaper, magazine and online - we pitch and place stories that garner attention. Whether it's a new offering, or you're just trying to become more relevant, we have a combined decade of experience pitching stories on a daily basis - we know what connects with audiences, and the mediums that bring those stories to life. Working in newsrooms in seven different states, we have built a complex web of connections.

Once we land you the big interview, we make sure you're coached on how to come across as personal, but professional.

We realize, better than most, that press is not all positive. When the going gets sticky, we guide our clients to higher ground.

Additionally, we provide one-on-one and group media coaching. We provide best practices for your CEO or public information officers when it comes to navigating their relationship with the media and the public. We tailor our techniques, depending on how your agency is handling the flow of information


Social Media

There's no getting around it - social media is a powerful tool that can take your business to the next level. Unlike never before, consumers expect their favorite brands to have a voice, and tools like Facebook and Instagram are the perfect platforms for showcasing just that. We tackle posting in a timely and accurate manner, while maintaining your business' voice. We deliver bi-weekly reports that show you how our tactics are affecting your presence in the social spaces.

Let us develop a strategy for your social media, and bring it to life - in the short term, or for the long haul


Website Tactics

If SEO and CMS sound more like acronyms for government agencies than crucial tools for your business' success, you've arrived at the right section. We rework and maintain your website using the Content Management System (WordPress, SquareSpace, etc.) of choice, and then use Search Engine Optimization to maximize its reach on the Internet. Once we get potential customers to your home page, we keep them clicking with fresh, creative, on-brand content. We use analytics to show you that our efforts are paying off for your bottom line.


Original Writing

Newsletters, blogs and brand awareness, oh my! We know AP style like the back of our hands, and our fingers are always flowing with enticing copy. Let us craft your monthly newsletter, publish original posts on your business' blog or create an ad campaign.

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Photography, Video & Audio

We know about pacing, lighting and those natural moments that really make a story shine.  We produce high quality videos telling your business' story. We are also experienced still photographers. Whether it's a full package of photo content for your website or a real estate listing, we capture your product or work and make it shine. We also plan events and we can podcast for you, too.

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Full Service

So you want it all - we are so willing. Let us take the reigns and make your communications dreams come true. Hiring us to do it all doesn't just get you our library of services - it gets you better results. We are more cost-effective and time-efficient than hiring someone on-staff full time.

  • Media relations
  • Social media
  • Website tactics
  • Newsletter + four blog posts

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