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Where do you want your company to be in one year? What about in five?

What kind of resources can you allot to getting there?

Every program we oversee is unique, tailored to the respective brand.

Here's a breakdown of the tools we utilize to help you meet milestones, and then some:

emboss public relations

Public relations

A comprehensive strategy formulated to elevate your brand and its positioning in the market among prospective customers. Building a solid reputation is crucial to building a viable brand.

  • Media relations - traditional and non-traditional

  • Crisis prevention and management

  • Interview coaching

  • Community relations - events and partnerships

  • Consultation

social media emboss

Social media management

A highly organized, metrically-based approach to creating and maintaining a voice in the digital social space. Combining tactful visual design with credible copy writing to educate, enlighten and inform.

  • Content calendar

  • Engagement

  • Metrics

  • Influencer program

  • Events

Onetime campaign

You need to earn media and amp up your social presence quickly, but your budget is limited. Maybe you have a grand opening, you'd like to secure some placements for a national holiday, or you're about to drop a new product. Ask us about our 3-month-long communications campaign (must start at least 2 months prior to the planned “event”).

  • Media relations

  • Community relations

  • Social media management - creation and planning

emboss editorial
emboss original content
emboss web management


Persuasive original copy aimed towards education and increased brand awareness. Our words inspire action. 

  • Blog posts

  • Research

  • Social media posts

  • Website

  • Newsletters

  • Consultation 

Original content

High-quality visuals carefully curated to boost following and engagement.  Our multi-media production drives growth.

  • Photographs - styled and documentary

  • Videos

  • Graphics

Website management

Timely, thorough oversight of your company's most valuable digital asset - your website - on the Content Management System of your choice (Wordpress or Squarespace)

  • Copy creation/editing

  • Gallery uploads

  • Page additions

  • Mailing list