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YUMIX enlists Emboss to run public relations, social media

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Ready-to-go cocktail brand YUMIX has hired Emboss Communications to run the company's public relations and social media strategy.

“We chose Emboss because of the great combination of experience and energy,” YUMIX founder and CEO Alex Garner said. “Both co-founders have a thorough understanding of journalism, media and modern culture. YUMIX is a fun product for people on the move. Grace and Katie exemplify our target customer.”

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YUMIX cocktails come in three flavors that are low in sugar and calories, but full of flavor. With the drink’s revolutionary dual chamber bottle, you can take the party anywhere. Just twist off the bottom chamber, pour the spirit into the bottle and shake. Add vodka to grapefruit and cranberry for Seabreeze, vodka to take Orange Mango for a spin and tequila to fresh lime juice for Margarita. The tequila is 100 percent agave.

YUMIX was founded in Dallas, Texas by Alex Garner, who, after years working in the consumer packaged goods industry, realized that ready-to-go cocktails that actually taste good were not available in stores.  As part of building a winning team, Garner enlisted Phillip Page, former President and CFO of Daily Greens. Page was an integral part of taking Daily Greens from shelves at local farmers markets to distribution with national retailers, such as Whole Foods and Costco.  YUMIX is currently distributed in Texas and South Carolina, with Florida and a fourth state joining the field in the next six months.

“More and more people, regardless of age or socioeconomic status, are choosing to spend their free time out exploring the world,” Emboss co-founder Grace Joyal said. “YUMIX has incredible potential to change the way people drink cocktails. We are thrilled and honored to tell their story on the national stage.”

YUMIX Emboss partnership