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Tea Drops launching new products at Expo West, featured in Nosh

new SKUs Tea Drops Sprinkles Expo West

LA-based Tea Drops, a female-led, minority-founded tea company focused on making tea magic in cups across America, is showcasing its innovative product lineup at Expo West this week.

  • The team will be hosting a Magical Cocktail hour on Thursday, March 7, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Sip on a tea cocktail while getting your fortune read. Yess, please.

  • Tea Drops is launching a new tea subscription service: take an online quiz to determine which teas you like/need and get a box delivered to your doorstep each month!

  • The brand will be launching 4 new functional flavors of its popular Tea Sprinkles, which are blends of powdered tea and spices. Each is designed to elevate a mood or feeling. FLOW, fuses maca, cinnamon, and coconut milk together to help ease every woman's time-of-the-month, while popular CBD is married with blueberry, lavender and spearmint to help you achieve the ultimate state of CHILL.

NOSH, a trade publication for the organic and natural food industry, wrote about the product launch, here.


  • Wednesday, March 6 through Friday, March 8: Hilton Hot Products floor in booth H1102 

  • Wednesday, March 6 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.: Fresh Ideas Organic Pavillion in booth F42

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