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HUSO enlists Emboss Communications to lead Public Relations strategy

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Sound therapy technology company, HUSO, has enlisted Emboss Communications to develop a comprehensive public relations strategy.

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"We hired Emboss to represent us because we are excited about their connections in media and their ability and energy to get the word out on our proven technology," HUSO co-founder Larry Doochin said.

The Nashville, Tennessee-based tech company invented a revolutionary device that delivers uniquely enhanced human toning sounds to the body. Through headphones and strategically placed pads, the tones create a natural resonance in your body which can lead to better rest, less stress, enhanced performance and boosted mental and physical well-being. Everyone from doctors to CEOs to professional athletes have incorporated the patented technology into their daily lives - and they report improved health as a result.

HUSO was co-founded by Doochin, an entrepreneur, and longtime sound therapist, Lily Whitehawk. After decades harnessing the power of the human voice to enhance the well being of her clients, Whitehawk formulated a modern technology with the potential to make this ancient healing accessible to all. A few years later, Doochin, who has years of business experience, saw Whitehawk's vision - and HUSO was born. Acupuncturist Bill Flanagan brings further medical and entrepreneurial knowledge to the executive team as Senior Executive. The team has recruited a wide range of respected health professionals that comprise an advisory board.

"We are always looking to collaborate with entrepreneurs who are pushing the limits when it comes to business," Emboss partner Grace Joyal said. "We are absolutely thrilled to be working with the HUSO team, who are not just thinking outside of the box, but are actually changing people's lives."

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