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Emalco Enamelware hires Emboss Communications to lead North American public relations


Polish company, Emalco Enamelware Company, has hired American-based Emboss Communications to formulate and deliver a strategic public relations program in North America.

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"In order to keep the guarantee of our best possible service, customer care and the most important - to tell a wider story about us - to our American fans, we have decided to establish cooperation with Emboss Communications," Emalco Enamelware owner Waldemar Brzozowski said. "We believe that with great support from a truly American PR company, their wide documented experience and professional knowledge, Emalco Enamelware will more effectively reach new customers and partners. We would love to be more deeply present on US and Canada market and in order to do so we want to be sure to meet best expectations of local customers."

Emalco Enamelware Company is the leading manufacturer of quality enamelware and the only one fully operating in Poland. Its production method is derived from the early 20th century European tradition of making enamelware. Emalco produces enamelware that's exported to more than 40 countries worldwide. Its primary markets are the United States and Canada.

"Emalco Enamelware cares deeply about its product and it's customers in the U.S.,"  Emboss partner Katie Higgins said. "Their care, curiosity and attention to detail is a breath of fresh air. The company makes an incredible product backed by decades of Polish history. This collaboration is a storyteller's dream."

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