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You Should Know: HUSO's leader featured in special technology mag for Nashville Post

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Team Emboss member HUSO can be found in the Nashville Post’s 2019 technology magazine.

The annual edition is out on newsstands across the Greater Nashville area now.

The feature, called You Should Know, is also available on the web, but you have to register to read.

Here’s the body of the story, reported by Kara Harnett:

You Should Know: Bill Flanagan

HUSO CEO sells ’anti-technology technology’ to help fight stress

AUTHORS Kara Hartnett

At the intersection of science and cultural healing sits Nashville startup HUSO — short for human sound — which draws harmonic frequencies out of Tibetan healing songs and uses them for deep relaxation and antistress treatments.

The four-year-old company is run by acupuncturist Bill Flanagan and Lily Whitehawk, who can best be described as a Swiss army knife of sound healing and therapy. Whitehawk created the technology used by HUSO today and united her decades of experience in sound healing and indigenous cultures for this venture.

HUSO’s frequencies are transmitted through a sound therapy device that delivers enhanced toning through headphones and pads placed on major acupuncture meridians, allowing the user to experience the full scope of sound. The company markets an at-home device for individual use as well as a more sophisticated professional version used as a supplement to other treatment options by providers.

The devices come with a selection of playlists targeted toward conditions such as sleep deprivation and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as nervous system and other physical performance concerns. The playlists are recorded in local music studios with the help of Tibetan and Native American healers — and no instruments.

“It’s a very new spin to a very old and traditional healing model,” says Flanagan, the company’s CEO. “Yes, it’s technology. But it’s anti-technology technology. It helps you disconnect from those outside influences.”

Flanagan and his team hit about $1 million in sales in 2018 and are preparing for their second funding round — for an undisclosed amount — aimed primarily at developing a mobile application, bringing services in-house and beefing up advertising initiatives. The idea to take HUSO into the app arena, he says, was consumer-driven. It won’t be as effective as the at-home or professional models, but it will feature a growing playlist of sound therapy options.  

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