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IRONMAN invites HUSO to participate in 40th annual World Championship Expo in Kona

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Sound therapy technology company, HUSO, has been accepted as an exhibitor at the 40th annual IRONMAN World Championship Expo in Kona, Hawaii.

"This is a perfect fit as HUSO greatly enhances focus leading up to this type of event and recovery, post-event," HUSO senior executive Bill Flanagan said. "It is a great training tool that can give an athlete a competitive edge. There is clearly a lot of synergy between the sport of triathlon and what we are doing."

The Nashville, Tennessee-based tech company invented a revolutionary device that delivers uniquely enhanced human toning sounds to the body. Through headphones and strategically placed pads, the tones create a natural resonance in your body which can lead to better rest, less stress, enhanced performance and boosted mental and physical well-being. Everyone from doctors to CEOs to professional athletes have incorporated the patented technology into their daily lives - and they report improved health as a result.

The Expo takes place over five days, from October 9th through the 13th, in IRONMAN Village on the Big Island of Hawaii. Flanagan will be on the ground providing demonstrations with the device and talking to athletes, coaches, and spectators.

On Saturday, October 13th, more than 2,000 athletes will begin a 140.6 mile journey to earn the title of IRONMAN. For nearly four decades, the competition has brought the world's best athletes together to compete among the lava fields of the Kona Coast.

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