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HUSO + Tennessee Titan player spotted in pages of Nashville Health & Wellness Magazine

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Nashville startup and Emboss client, HUSO, is highlighted in the November issue of Nashville Health & Wellness Magazine, alongside Tennessee Titan linebacker, Derrick Morgan.

HUSO Derrick Morgan Nashville Health and Wellness

Before Tennessee Titans linebacker Derrick Morgan hits the field, he lies down, places headphones over his ears and pads on his wrists, and turns on a device known as HUSO. For about 30 minutes, he lays there in a meditative state, listening to sounds from Buddhist monks to Native Americans. It's quite the contrast to the chaos to come. Morgan says it's a way for him to focus on his mental health before each game. 

"You always have to keep evolving as a player and as a human being, so you have to be open-minded to trying new things and new techniques," Morgan has said about why he started using HUSO two years ago. "For me, this is another way to gain a competitive advantage with really no risk at all and a high reward."

The Nashville tech startup has been making waves in the world of alternative health with its patented sound therapy device, which combines vibrational frequency and human toning with world-class sound engineering. Users say they're sleeping better, thinking more clearly and performing at a higher level.

"It is a great training tool that can give an athlete a competitive edge," HUSO Senior Executive Bill Flanagan said.

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