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HUSO co-founders featured in Medium series on leaders in cutting edge tech

The co-founders of Emboss client HUSO are featured in a continuing series on leaders in cutting edge technology in Authority Magazine on Medium.com.

From co-founder, Lily Whitehawk:

How do you think this might change the world?

If people can stay balanced in body and mind, then they are better able to think clearly, make better decisions, sleep better, and stay calm in the midst of an increasingly chaotic planet. This bullet train ride to a virtual reality, AI-dominated world, is not slowing down. We need new tools and ways of maintaining our wellbeing so that we can stay grounded, not lose our zen and easily navigate this new normal in a healthy way with the least negative impact. HUSO is on a mission to help with this process.

From co-founder, Larry Doochin’s, interview:

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began your career?

We have had the most amazing doors open for us since we started, ones that are far greater than you would expect for a start-up. We receive emails and calls from people who, unbeknownst to us, have been using HUSO in niches that were not on our radar. One of these is sports performance with athletes on the international stage. For instance, we received an email from the head coach of the China national/Olympic track and field program who is an American and who has been using HUSO with great results for himself. He was inquiring about new programs we had introduced. Through correspondence, we discovered that he has been a big proponent of frequency medicine for 25 years and the potential he sees for HUSO to give his athletes a leg up in mental focus, performance, and recovery. He has taken two of our home units to China to use in this competition season and wants to spread the word for us. There are other large channel openings happening like this in areas outside of sports performance. Sometimes we are in a slight bit of disbelief, but grateful at the way life creates these openings which can quickly propel us to a broad awareness of our technology with the general public.

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