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Emboss featured in Forbes article on female entrepreneurism

Emboss Communications was featured in a Forbes article on female entrepreneurism.

Co-founder Grace Joyal shared her perspective on how podcasts inspire her thinking and actions surrounding running a startup.

From Deborah Sweeney’s article:

Grace Joyal, Co-Founder of Emboss Communications, started listening to No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis in spring 2017. The podcast, hosted by ABC News journalist Rebecca Jarvis, was only a few months old at the time, but within months Joyal was ready to become an entrepreneur.

“Listening to Rebecca, a fellow journalist, break down all the scary stigmas around entrepreneurship with women who were living through all those moments was absolutely infectious.” Joyal says.

ABC News journalist Rebecca Jarvis, the host and creator of No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis shared in the elation of the shout-out.

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