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Signs you're in a career rut: Crafted Career Concepts CEO in Fast Company

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Wondering when to know it’s time to go? Fast Company asked Emboss client Eli Howayeck, the founder and CEO of Crafted Career Concepts, for the signs that you’re in a career rut.

From Lisa Evans’ article:

When you’re in a rut, it’s common to find yourself drawn to job postings. Surely a new job may seems like a clear path out of your rut. However, Howayeck says looking for a new job is the worst way to start to get out of a rut. “It’s like showing up to prom without a date in your workout clothes. No one is going to ask you to dance, and you won’t feel ready to ask anyone to dance, either,” he says.

Instead, Howayeck says to examine your current situation and see if there are any opportunities internally that would interest you. If there truly are none, try to create your own opportunities by looking outside your current job.

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