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Emalco introduces 5 wholesale collections

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Polish kitchenware maker, Emalco Enamelware Company is now offering its beloved enamelware through wholesale.

"Enamelware used to be very popular in the past before plastic grew in popularity - every household used to have it," Emalco president Waldemar Brzozowski said. "Enamelware is very practical - it does not interact with food or drinks, is easy to clean, healthy and easy to recycle. Enamelware is beautiful."

Emalco Enamelware Company is the leading manufacturer of quality enamelware and the only one fully operating in Poland. Its production method is derived from the early 20th century European tradition of making enamelware. Emalco produces enamelware that's exported to more than 40 countries worldwide. Its primary markets are the United States and Canada.

Emalco's original lines of enamelware include the Plain Collection, evoking pure tradition, Spring Home & Garden, a symbol of nicety, the Forest Camp Edition, conveying a love for the great outdoors, the Arrow Collection, for the big adventures we're dreaming about, and Wisdom, for those seeking knowledge from nature. In October, Emalco will release its latest collection, Love, an ode to the sweetest things in life.

Wholesale orders begin at $300 USD. More information on quantities and pricing is available in the Emalco Wholesale Catalog. 

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Emalco Enamelware releases five original collections for wholesale distribution.png

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