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Emboss client talks small business challenges in Forbes

Emboss client, Bowerbird Flowers, is one of five women small business owners consulted about their biggest challenges in 2018 and how they overcame them, in Forbes this week.

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From writer Deborah Sweeney:

2018 was a huge year for small business. According to the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index, small business optimism experienced a record surge in August. The jump reached 108.8, the highest level recorded in the survey’s 45-year history…I wanted to know firsthand the biggest challenges women business owners faced in 2018. I also wanted to hear how they were able to overcome these issues. So often we talk about the problems, but not the solutions that allow us to triumph over them. What challenges did female entrepreneurs face this year and what did they do to emerge victorious on the other side?

Grace JoyalComment