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Blogging to win: how original content helps your SEO


By Katie Higgins

The Google gods are looking for original content.

That being said, before we even start, open up a new tab. Type in what you think someone might search when looking for a business like yours. Assume they don’t know about you - they’re just looking for a product or service you offer. Aside from the SEO monsters like Amazon etc., what links are on the first page of the search? Are any of them blog posts or articles? Maybe all of them are.

The easiest way to create new, genuine content quickly is by blogging. This shows Google that you’re offering something new to your audience. Don’t copy and paste though - the crawlers will know. Seriously, they know when they’ve seen text lines before and your website will be punished.

Remember those keywords we talked about in Chapter 2 of SEO tactics? This is where you can happily plug your keyword into your post and up its relevance. Don’t overuse it, though. If your keyword is “salvaged wood” try using it naturally within your copy three times.


The other great thing about blogging is people can share your content - especially if you’re offering up a trick or technique. For example, say you own an architectural salvage company like our client, The Old House Parts Co. An easy blog post that has the potential of taking off online, might be a DIY project for the holidays or a post about the proper way to salvage wood flooring from a house.

We recommend sitting down for a couple minutes and writing out ten ideas for blog posts you could write RIGHT NOW. Try to post one a week, or every two weeks, until you get the hang of it. Take a look at our client, Bowerbird Flowers, for a newly implemented example of this.

Above all, don’t stress yourself out - these don’t have to be thousands of words long. Shoot for somewhere between 500 to 2,500 words. We know writing can be tricky. We’re happy to help!