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Medium: Ali Boone on slowing down to do more

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Emboss client Ali Boone was interviewed for Medium on Slowing Down to Do More.

I may get axed from being considered a successful entrepreneur if I admit how many mornings I wake up, planning to get started on work right away, but instead sink into my couch and watch an episode of my soap opera (Days of Our Lives, for anyone who cares). I’m not a morning person anyway; my brain takes quite a bit of time to start functioning once I’m awake and it doesn’t peak usually until nighttime. But what I find by giving myself the time to watch an innocent 40 minutes of TV before I require myself to do anything productive is that it relaxes my mind before work is able to stir it up. Once my mind is stirred up, it’s sometimes hard for me to chill it back out. And when it’s stirred, I don’t accomplish as much as gracefully. When I start into something more relaxed, and having the added bonus of just having expressed major gratitude for having the ability to watch an episode of my soap opera anytime I want to, I’m able to flow with everything more gracefully and get more done. When I barrel into work as fast as if my shorts were lit on fire, I tend to get more tangled up and not get as much done.

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