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5 FREE apps small biz owners should download NOW


By Katie Higgins

In honor of National App Day (yes, that's a thing and yes, there's a "national day" for everything), we've come up with FIVE apps you should download right NOW for maximizing your daily work flow as a small business owner, while thinking a little creatively. The best part? They're FREE.


insta logo.png

It may go without saying, but maybe not, so I’m going to say it anyways. If you’re a small business you need an Instagram account. ‘I have a small accounting firm, what am I going to post on Instagram,’ you say? Make it a lifestyle feed and sneak in tips about saving money and investing. Instagram is the way to reach young people and to make your business relatable. Once you download the app and make a user name, check out our guide on hashtagging to gain followers and get business.

Facebook Pages Manager

fb pages logo.png

If Instagram goes without saying then Facebook is a no-brainer. Hopefully you have a Facebook Page and even a Facebook group for your business. Manage the page, on the go, with the Facebook Pages Manager. You can upload photos, videos and more straight from your phone. You can even go live and hold Q and A’s or whatever you can dream up to get traction and interaction with your clients.


mailchimp logo.png

Mailchimp is an online marketing tool. It helps you create subscriber lists, emails, campaigns and more. What’s really neat is you can use all of its tools on your mobile device. As a small business owner you’re probably on the go and constantly busy. Being able to use your phone to send campaigns and get updates on subscribers makes it easier, which means you’ll follow through more often.


canva logo.jpg

Let’s say you’re a home goods artisan and you’re running a promotion on hand-crafted pillows. With Canva, you can quickly take a photo on your phone, upload it, add words, illustrations, shapes and more, in a professional way. Then you can easily post to your instagram, Facebook and send it out to your customers in Mailchimp - see what we did there?


Local news

Ok, stick with us for this one - but we think your local news app, whether it’s your favorite station or paper, could be the perfect way to keep a pulse on what’s going on in your community. This matters because YOU are exactly the kind of expert local news people are looking for when the story relates. So again, say you’re the owner of a small accounting firm and you see a push alert that says something about tax season. Now you know, local news could be looking for an expert. Don’t take a chance that they could reach out to someone else. Reach out to them and get yourself on file as someone who’s ready and willing to talk about taxes. Boom! Free publicity.

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