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Founder of the fastest-growing natural yogurt company

Preya Patel Bhakta is the founder and CEO of Elli Quark, a Los Angeles based premium snack company. As a vegetarian and avid foodie, Preya found herself craving a high-protein yogurt that didn’t contain all of the sugar and artificial ingredients found in most premium yogurts. After learning about German favorite, Quark, she and her husband made it their mission to bring a delicious, clean-labeled version to American shoppers. Fast forward about six years, and Elli Quark is the fastest growing natural yogurt company in the U.S., available in grocery store heavyweights like Publix, Harris Teeter and Target. Before founding Elli, Preya worked in marketing.

Based in Los Angeles, California


Lifestyle coach, corporate dropout and real estate investor

Ali Boone is the founder and CEO of Hipster Investments, a real estate investment referral service. A former aerospace engineer, Ali was able to cultivate a deep network of passive income sources after leaving corporate America and now, she shares her knowledge of the turnkey rental business with others looking to do the same. Her company helped facilitate more than $18 million in sales its first five years in operation. Ali has been interviewed on more than 50 podcasts and is a regular contributor for Thrive Global and Motley Fool. She is also a licensed flight instructor and spiritual psychologist who volunteers every week with California prisoners. 

Based in Los Angeles, California

Eli Howayeck

Career and sales coach

Eli Howayeck is the founder and CEO of Crafted Career Concepts, a boutique career and sales consulting firm. A nationally-respected career and sales expert, Eli works with individuals and teams to spur positive growth and change within companies and at the personal level. Eli's wisdom and perspective have been included in pieces for Fast Company, Money Magazine, Thrive Global and Glassdoor. Eli is a master networker, hosting brainstorms for Milwaukee entrepreneurs and serving on the board at Marquette University's business school.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Marilen Rose

Travel expert and female tech founder

Marilen Rose created My World Registry, an online gift registry, to encourage givers and receivers to opt for experiences over objects. Marilen, who's based in Bend, Oregon, has a background in hospitality and travel planning. Through her online marketplace, she provides people with the opportunity to crowdfund their dream experiences and shop pre-existing ones curated by the team. Marilen and her business have been profiled in a number of regional TV, radio and digital publications.

Based in Bend, Oregon


Social entrepreneurs, podcasters and master interviewers

They spent decades interviewing some of Hollywood's biggest names: now, through The Passionistas Project, the Harrington sisters talk to women who are following their passion - to inspire others to do the same. Nancy and Amy Harrington have been at each other’s sides supporting each another since day one, even when their careers took them in different directions initially. Most recently, inspired by the #MeToo movement and #TimesUp, these sisters decided to put their passions together to tell a different kind of story. Where many podcasters reserve their airtime for the elite, Amy and Nancy are talking to amazing women you probably haven’t heard of, who are making a huge difference by following their passions, from recent high school graduates to those with decades of experience.

Based in Los Angeles, California

Lisa EC 2018 1b.png

Corporate wellness expert and certified personal trainer

Lisa Williams is the founder and CEO of corporate wellness company, TravelTrim. The business offers a range of wellness solutions for corporations and fitness professionals, from an online platform that provides companies with the infrastructure to enhance employees' wellbeing, to onsite wellness programs at major corporations, with its team of health professionals. Prior, Lisa worked for a major Fortune 500 company for 23 years. Lisa is an educator and content creator for the Association of Fitness Professionals (AFS).

Based in Nashville, Tennessee

Dewan Farhana Betternest

Doctor, tech founder and home organization expert

Dewan Farhana is the co-founder and CEO of Betternest, an online marketplace connecting consumers to professional organizers. Farhana is a medical doctor turned tech entrepreneur after she noticed a crossover between organization at home and better health in her own life. Now, she wants to provide easily accessible and trusted organization professionals to people across the U.S. Her wisdom has been featured in publications like Romper and A Sweat Life.

Based in San Jose, California

Lily Whitehawk

Sound therapist and female tech founder

Lily Whitehawk is a decades-long sound therapist who made it her mission to bring sound therapy, an ancient Eastern healing tradition, to the masses. Her years of one-on-one work with clients turned into a full-fledged tech startup. HUSO is a patented, at home sound therapy device hailed by its users as restorative and meditative. The device plays sounds from actual healers, as wrist and ankle pads vibrate subtly in harmony. HUSO is used by professional athletes from NFL players to future Olympians. Lily and her technology have been featured in Reader's Digest, Medium and Gaia.

Based near Nashville, Tennessee and Asheville, North Carolina


Certified personal trainer and kids fitness expert

Olo Onuma is a certified fitness professional based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Onuma is the creator of an innovative fitness program, Evolution Lifestyle Fitness, backed by respected health and fitness brand, Life Time Fitness. His program focuses on wellness and health for all life stages from ages 5 to 70+. Onuma believes in spreading the everlasting impact of health and fitness to make the world a better place. 

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina