Emboss Communications
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Who we are

Our story begins in the Oregon High Desert...


We found ourselves, tested our limits and developed a passion for our craft while working together in Bend, Oregon for a T.V. news station. Fast forward a couple years, and we're using our finely tuned communication skills to help small businesses tell their stories. Lucky for you, we have an intimate understanding of the stories that resonate with audiences. Together, we have worked every position in a newsroom for more than a decade. Though, it's those moments outside the studio that have resonated with us the most, and that's where you come in.

Who you are

You are a passionate, creative and, at times, scrappy, small business owner...

You have a strong voice coupled with a compelling product or service, who needs guidance getting your brand out there. You had an idea, worked up the courage to bring it to life and want to reach potential customers. That's where we come in.

Meet the Embossers


Grace Joyal

Co-founder / Storyteller

Grace Joyal had a dream. She’d dive headfirst into TV news, rising to the top as quickly as she could. Between producing and anchoring the weekly, radio magazine program at UNC-Chapel Hill, and managing a campus lifestyle magazine, she interned for a national cable channel in N.Y.C. and after graduating, headed West to pursue a career behind the camera. Since that time, she has powered through every position in a newsroom, earning promotions and the respect of her peers. After just a year-and-a-half of reporting, she was nominated for a regional Emmy award. Grace has managed teams of reporters, reported in the aftermath of hurricanes, floods and wildfires and broken down the consequences and benefits of legalizing medical marijuana. From a deer providing comfort in a father's final hours of life, to people, literally, swept out of their homes by raging flood waters, she's had her hands in history as it unfolded before her very eyes. When Grace tells your story, she lives and breathes it - from inception to fruition.

It didn’t take long for her to realize that while she was meticulously taking note of the details of other people’s lives, her life was moving on without her. Grace felt the call of entrepreneurship, and a different kind of story. After watching both her parents create, now thriving businesses, and obsessively listening to the stories of other women doing the same thing, she jumped. Luckily, she didn’t have to look far to find a capable business partner - she feels so fortunate to be living this dream with one of her best friends, and most trusted confidants.

In her spare time, she’s become an enthusiastic home cook, a runner and hiker. If she's not on a trail with her two German Shepherds, she's studying the people and places of wine and has earned a Level 2 distinction by the Wine and Spirits Education Trust.

She's excited to apply her wide range of communication skills to tell your business' story.


katie higgins.jpg

Katie Higgins

Co-founder / Storyteller

Katie Higgins is a co-founder and O.E. (original embosser). 

As she joins forces with Grace Joyal, Katie is working in Tulsa, Oklahoma as an investigative journalist. She breaks big stories, from civil rights violations to environmental issues, drawn to the industry because she loves to write, tell stories, make real connections and ultimately, help people. Before Tulsa, Katie worked in beautiful Bend, Oregon. There, Katie reported from the sidelines of major wildfires threatening the community, covered historical political events like the controversial resignation of a governor and did a number of investigative pieces covering topics spanning black mold to leaders abusing power. Katie has held internships in the Bay Area, St. Louis and Columbus, for a combined seven years in the media communications industry. 

Her time in television news has tested her grit and taught her the importance of hard deadlines and just getting stuff done. She's learned how to gracefully navigate, many times unpredictable, live public speaking events. Wildfires in the field have taught her to creatively and quickly put out wildfires in the office. She's seen public figures respond well to crisis and she's seen it go horribly wrong. She learned social media best practices and how to connect with people using the written and spoken word, photos and video.

Katie is originally from St. Louis Missouri (Go Cards!). An Ohio State University graduate, she majored in public affairs journalism and minored in media production and analysis. 

She loves to be active and outdoors. In her free time that’s where you’ll find her, pulling inspiration from the trees and dirt paths. Most likely her dogs and “pawtners” in crime, Mila Coonis the coonhound and Charlie Barkley will be at her side.

A fun fact about Katie - she was a competitive Irish dancer from ages 9 to 23 and has competed all around the world.